iamamiwhoami – 20101116 Concert

One of the most impressive and ambitious concerts ever staged, for one fan, to make a video that was posted for a few hours on her site. I’ve posted the rest of her entire 101116 Concert below, but if you’re not sold watch this segment where she performs “o,” great vocals and an impressive beat, one of the best making music today.

“On Friday 1 October 2010 a video titled “20101001” was uploaded calling for one volunteer. The viewers of the video are trusted to select a representative who will then supply their name, telephone number and home address by Friday 8 October at 12:00AM CET. The video links to a website that appears to promote an upcoming concert. The initial volunteer was YouTube user “tehhils”, but due to issues in obtaining a passport in time for the project, YouTube user “ShootUpTheStation” was appointed by “tehhils”.” From her wikipedia page.



I Vacation In Your Hell
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