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Not to drag you into some personal shit, but I’ve been having a moment with Oneohtrix Point Never. This week has been like running through dark trees of emotions, that just won’t slow down. He’s offering a ton of free mixes and some other shit on his SoundCloud, I know you’ve been there, you’ve seen it all, but just incase you haven’t, I wanted to share this treasure with you. I’ve been looking at where people bounce in from, and for some reason we’re getting some big numbers referred from a suicide prevention site, am I that much of a sad sack? Am I fucking enabling you to just continue to waste and shit drugs all day? Well, Fucking seek some healing from an untraditional source, let Oneohtrix Point Never send you some healing vibes.

The first track “Meet Your Creator” is like the bedroom song version of the movie “Tree of Life”. It goes through every forsaken mood and place imaginable. One moment your Dad is knocking the shit out of you because you couldn’t keep up with the neighbor’s perfectly manicured lawn….the next moment he is playing Bach for you on the piano like nothing happened. Dad meant well…this was his way of teaching you life’s lessons. He didn’t know any other way.

“Meet Your Creator” is a real fucking Homer’s Odyssey of a track. The rest of OPN’s catalog is also definitely heavy on the emotion. I would recommend playing his shit at your next house party for a real mood maker. You may remember “I Only Have Eyes For You” mixed into NAADYN closes out the highly acclaimed “Stellar Kinematics X Slang Mag Visual Mixtape” a fucking very 5 star mix.

Fucking download all of his shit, he’s offering a ton of it free. When you have a cry about Daddy like I just did your inner-child will be thanking me later.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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