In this existence I have learned a lot of of life’s lessons which have taught me to dig deep and put armor on occasion. One of the most valuable lessons that I would like to pass on while on I am still left on the earth plane is…when you have a moment to breathe, you should really take the moment and embrace it because you never know when that moment will end. There is no doubt that I am reaching my expiration point in many ways, from chemical punishment and through the daily death of my soul in the painful physical world. I know I am on my way out. I know the end is near. All the signs are there. For right now though I am going to enjoy this moment. I am going to embrace anything I can cling to that’s real, this is real. It is shocking to me that this is totally undiscovered as I find it, 13 plays in 6 months with 2 followers, WELL WORTH YOUR TIME, some deserving shit right here:



I Vacation In Your Hell
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