Art by Jonny Payne

I live in a fucking pitiful city, I don’t like it. People say they love it all the fucking time and I find it really hard to believe them. They’ll even paint it on the side of shit, about how much you should LOVE Los Angeles, I don’t love it, it needs to be cleansed of the dark control money abuse shit that goes on here, if it weren’t for all of the animals who live here, providing decent karma for this city, satan would rip this shit open and make it his new shoe closet. There are a few perks to living here, and they come in the form of a couple of MOTHERFUCKING incredible local bands, one of my favorites being BRANES. THEY PUT ON AN INCREDIBLE LIVE SHOW, THEY’RE A BAND OUT OF THEIR TIME, BRINGING THE PRESENCE/SKILLZ OF ANY OF YOUR FAVORITE GOTHS FROM THE 80S. NOT MANY FUCKING OUT THERE LIKE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS THESE DAYS. I’ve BEEN IN LOVE WITH THEIR Anatomically Correct 7″ EP SINCE THEY DROPPED THESE TRACKS, IF YOU DON’T OWN THEM GET THEM BOTH RIGHT FUCKING NOW BELOW, FREE DOWNLOADDDDD SHITTTTT, SOME CREAM OF THE CREAM TYPE SHIT FOR THIS DIRTY/UGLY SPRAWLING SUBURB WITH FUCKED UP STREETS WHERE EVERYONE IS IN BED BY 2AM THAT PASSES FOR AN INTERNATIONAL CITY. I HEARD THEY WERE ON THE CUSP OF SOME NEW SHIT A FULL-LEGNTH RELEASE COMING OUT OCT 10Th ON BURGER RECORDS, CHECK THAT SHIT OUT BELOW TOO!!!!




Can you tell my readers a little about the history BRANES? Also, can you tell me a about your upcoming release on Burger Records?

There’s no history, really. It was sort of just an accident. Our upcoming release is mostly tongue in cheek, teetering on genre boundary lines. It’s a catharsis of the tense jello inside our heads. It’s called Perfection Condition which was a joke about a guy who was trying to sell us a tour van off Craigslist by claiming he had done a couple “bandit runs” in it and that it was in “perfection condition”. We thought it was funny and it also kind of doubles as a social commentary on the advances within technology. The cover art is a photo of us as cyborg debutantes. Anyways we bought the van and named it Bela after, you know, Bela Lugosi. This is our debut LP and it will be out October 10th on Burger Records. And yes, in case you were wondering that is the same release date as No Doubt’s 1995 hit record Tragic Kingdom.

What artists have inspired you the most creatively and why are they special to you?

The most creatively inspiring bands for me are those that illicit some rare sensation, some thoughts or feelings I didn’t know I had. Arab on Radar definitely achieves this. They can make you feel nostalgia that inappropriate sexual experience you’ve never had, they can make you daydream about skin disease, all while the same time making you want to dance like a biomechanical mutant. INSPIRATION ABOUNDING.

Can you tell me about labels or artists you like who you feel are putting out some of the best new music, do you feel like being on a label is still important these days?

Lately, I’ve been impressed by smaller, lesser or not known artists on soundcloud just pumping great stuff out. Being on a label is just as applicable today as it ever was, the only difference is that now there a lot more people trying to start a label without having any clue what that means. So many people offer to put out albums who are not prepared to offer anything more than what the artists can usually accomplish on their own. A great label with a great brand and the desire to see it’s artists AND it’s releases succeed is definitely important.

Can you tell me about other the projects and collaborations you’ve been a part of, or worked on?

I was in some early Screamo bands, Deadseraphim and Durga. Durga broke up because Brandon and Chuck wanted to focus on The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. After that, I was co-opted into playing bass for a party oriented death-metal band called Spring Break!. While that was going on, I was doing a solo mutant cyber-punk/techno thing called Manufakt using pretty much just an Ensoniq ESQ-1 and a Korg ESX-1 loaded with samples from the Sega Genesis video game Shadow Run. I quit the metal band, moved to Portland, and started a mutant no-wave band called Terraform. That was great but I could never find a consistent line-up. In those 3 years, moving through a synth player, 3 sax players, 2 bassists, and 4 drummers, I gradually found myself just pounding away at my ESQ-1 again. Eventually, Ivy heard my Manufakt stuff and I guess the seed was planted.

Can you give me an example of something you consider perfect?

A Perfect Circle. You know, the band. The DEVO song Mechanical Man.

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

All of the homies chilling, and a ton of lava sharks wearing sunglasses.

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

This is usually that interview question where we respond with a Beetlejuice reference but I’m sleep deprived in an airport terminal and haven’t had my morning coffee yet because it’s taking 30 minutes to still not cool down. There’s a ghost in our house that’s trying to kill us. Oh there’s the Beetlejuice reference. The house we live in is named Beetlejuice Haus because there’s a ghost that lives in it who is trying to kill us.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

Every tour I’ve been on, where the traveling just starts to wear you down and everyone’s patience is wearing thin, I tend to let that pour out in some sort of cathartic release while performing. Has definitely led to some great moments. I guess that’s the opposite though, letting your emotions move the music… I saw Beck in 1999 and while he was performing that song Debra, a round red velvet bed was lowered from the rafters and he jumped on it to sing/cry. That was pretty moving, I guess.

Some are saying this is the greatest era to exist as a musician, others say it’s the worst, what has your experience been like?

Yeah, it totally sucks, yeah. But whatever. Who cares? DEAL WITH IT.

Have you ever been to a psychic, would you be willing to share that experience if so?

We are both psychic so we don’t need to go to another one.

If you could choose how the world would end, what would you choose?

Funny you should ask…we are actually planning an end of the world party. December 21st at an undisclosed Los Angeles location. You’re invited!






I Vacation In Your Hell
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