Goitia Deitz – R O M A N C E

Every now and then a track can pull you right the fuck out of the gutter that is your day to day life. The track ROMANCE builds and builds until you are practically levitating RIGHT THE FUCK OUT of this shit-hole existence. I ♥ Levitating. The act of floating is not easy. At first, you will fall often from scary heights and it will hurt like a motherfucker, but once you are suspended above it all…the look upon everyone’s face…the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction that you have defied all that is impossible..will certainly make it a spectacular feat. Remember though, it all started with a good soundtrack. As a good friend says you’ve gotta pay the piper, but I say you don’t always have to, just depends on how nice you want to be to the piper.



I Vacation In Your Hell
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