Upstate New York will probably drive creatives, or those who live on the edge of society insane, especially during winter months, where one can spend countless ocd hours descending into madness working on projects, or just simply descending into madness. This is not a good place to be homeless – I’ve tried, es no bueno, those searching for free Wi-Fi would find the terrain unbearable. TSTI’s work is intricate synthpop that pays attention to detail. Jamz like this shit are walling back a shit ton of seasonal anxiety that always wrecks me as the days become shorter and the darkness sets in. This Autumn I’m staying here in the sourthern region of Cali where I will still spend a majority of my time outside, as I can’t remember if I mentioned I lost my roomshare and who the fuck knows if I’ll find anything that cheap that’s livable that wouldn’t put me in the spare closet of a crack den in south central. I will miss the leaves changing through their many shades and eventually dropping and falling to the floor of the earth to disintegrate and become one with the soil. I like this guy’s body of work. Word is he has a new album about to drop here very soon. Until then check out his cloud full of sound and FUCKING BUST THIS SHIT:




I Vacation In Your Hell
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1 Response to TSTI – In loving memory FREE DOWNLOADDDDD

  1. TSTI is legit working with vintage synthesizers and drum machines

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