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FREE DOWNLOAD UP THERE OR HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?9t42e94oud3difq

FREE DOWNLOAD UP THERE OR HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?ynh2y7er78gn7s8

My daily falls from grace have created a rather crooked existence. Music is pretty much the only means through which I heal, as I rip off my emotional scabs daily. I think I mentioned my housing situation got fucked up, my roommate Steve died, they took him to hospice and he was gone in two nights. It was the most stable living situation I’ve had in my life, and it lasted about a little less than three months. He was a really good dude, I feel like he was purely open to anything at the end, and seemed grateful to learn about anything new, he was loving all my goth shit. He was even helping me find new bands for a while when he felt up to it. So it’s Tuesday, another fucking tuesday and I need to let go of this shit. It never makes sense when people leave, you keep looking for them like they’re going to walk in the door. It goes fast when you start to go, and then it gets blown out like a candle. If Witch existed in the first place then Tours is White Witch. Steve liked shit like this the best, this is for him.







I Vacation In Your Hell
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