Shisa – heather, i’m sad (tell me why) – FREE DOWNLOAD OF ENTIRE (memory) ALBUM

White Witch dominates the landscape it seems, label it how you will, the lighter sound seems to be taking over, still resonating deeply and slashing through the few vital organs I’ve left for daily functioning. Why am I sad, that’s an easy one and a hard one, to loosely quote a kid named Kevin, I thought I used to know, but now I”m not so sure, maybe I’m exactly quoting him, I have no idea, I’m not looking shit up anymore, but he’s the star of that columbine with bows and arrows film. All I know is this motherfucker feels some profound sadness. Some people tell me I’m doing something important, and I’m helping people in some small way with IVIYH, but I feel more like a free download machine, which I guess if I impact a few people’s collections positively I’ll have done something very small but decently nice. You want to know why I’m sad, I could probably tell you today, and tomorrow I will probably tell you something different. Does any of it matter, probably not, is it easy to shake? FUCK NO.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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