Photo credit: Todd Diederich

I’m not going to pretend I have some amazing grasp of #seapunk, it comes from a place that I do not dwell, in the light, beneath the water, which remains the most alluring of the few mysteries that exist in my experience, but I do know I’m impressed as shit by this motherfucker, ULTRADEMON IS AN INHUMAN ENTITY WHO SUCKS THE WET ATMOSPHERE PROCESSES IT WITHIN HIS OWN BODY AND CREATES SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOIST CREATIONS. Few artists today are able to claim the originality and pure dopeness that the man behind #seapunk, Albert Redwine, has leaking from his fluid breathing lungs. HE HAS CONSTRUCTED AN AMAZING MIX FOR IVIYH MADE ENTIRELY OF MAGIC SAND AND A TRAIL OF DIGITIZED DEAD BODIES SPILLED-OVER FROM SEGA GENESIS GAMES. YOU CANNOT FUCK WITH THIS MIX, THAT IS WHY YOU MUST CONTAIN IT ON YOUR HARDdrive, IT IS AN INCREDIBLE FREE DOWNLOAD FROM IVIYH + THE FATHER OF #seapink, CORAL RECORDS INTERNAZIONAL + tONZ of incredible shittttttt.


“His ocean-themed digital paradise philosophy continues with his own imprint, Coral Records Internazionale, which was formed in September 2011 as a way to transform the flotsam and jetsam of the digital electronic underground into something more physically permanent. Its music less DJ oriented but still paying homage to the roots of electronic dance music.
“I imagine a place where stars are bright, galaxies are visible in the night sky on a full moon where all my friends and loved ones are raving for eternity, that is the essence of the beach to me.”
As an producer, Ultrademon excels in liquid house, techno and bass music drenched in a myriad sea of textures, with liberal drops of acid, anime, 8-bit, conscious referential samples and an unmistakable, individualistic positivity. His prolific output at his young age includes tracks for electro-disco outfit, Ssion ‘Credit in the Straight World’ and ‘Earthquake’ off their Bent album (2011) and releases on labels as varied as Midnight Shift and Coral Records Internazionale, as well as remixes for Anamanaguchi, Gosteffects, and Unicorn Kid.”



Photo credit: Todd Diederich

Can you tell my readers a little about the history of Seapunk, how it came about or what inspired it?

Refer to wikipedia.

Who are some of your biggest influences for Ultrademon?

I believe you mean who are Ultrademon’s biggest influences since he is an entity.
Consider old music by the following artists… Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, Crystal Method, Jamouriquai, Claues Rosen, Chymera, Pepe Bradock, oh and… Brick City Club Music.

Can you tell me about labels you like who you feel are putting out some of the best new music, do you feel like being on a label is important these days?

I’m not very academic about music so I don’t know if I could say, I’ve always liked Clone Records… recently I’ve been digging Turbo Records.

How do you feel seapunk is perceived, do you think people are starting to understand it as a genre?

I figure most people think of it as a joke. I don’t think of it as a genre, more as a language.

Can you tell me about other the projects and collaborations you work on?

I’ve gone under that alias Fire For Effect on some projects. I sometimes make noise under that alias Pan – http://panpanpan.bandcamp.com/
Recently I’ve been focusing on a full length record set to come out in a few months. Also I have an ep coming out on Midnight Shift (mnshift) here a few months as well. So really I’ve just been focusing on doing my own thing.

What are you currently working on?

Outside of what I mentioned up above I’m working on some remixes and collaborations with other artists.

How would you characterize “blogs” effect on the music industry, do you feel they’re having a positive or negative effect?

Thats assuming the music industry was inherently positive or negative? I’m not sure I understand but I think things are just different now.

What is the music scene like currently in Chicago, what musicians/bands are making music that inspires you there?

There is a pretty cool scene of producers, I don’t really follow bands or go to shows anymore, just DJs for the most part. I dig Chrissy Murderbot, he’s a homie and still makes rave music, where as most producers now are opting for (t)rap beats and more headie beats.

Can you give me an example of something you consider perfect?


If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?


Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

Yeah, it’s called “the push”.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

I can think of a lot of time music has moved me, the funny thing is it has never been at a live concert…

Some are saying this is the greatest era to exist as a musician, others say it’s the worst, what has your experience been like?

I love my era for what it is, trying not to focus to much on the past.

Have you ever been to a psychic, would you be willing to share that experience if so?

Never been, I just do tarot if I need guidance.




I Vacation In Your Hell
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