To Destroy A City – Live From Lincoln Hall – FULL FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD

I got so fucked up that for some reason I felt I needed to sit my wallet down in the grocery store; why the fuck was I was carrying it, I have no fucking clue. I left it on some cheese, in the dairy section. It’s a smurfs wallet from like 1982/83. I went back after about 15 mins, when I remembered I didn’t have it, and it was gone. I asked all the employees if they saw it or if anyone brought it up to the front, but no it was fucking gone. I’m not sure what’s sadder about this, is that someone stole my wallet, or that it’s a children’s wallet and someone didn’t turn it in. It had $4, a female condom, and a small envelope of DMT inside. I guess they figured if it was actually a child’s, he wasn’t a very good kid.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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