I’m presenting some amazing shit along with VISCEREALITY + ACTUAL PAIN, up in the place where it makes your dampest shit look dry, THE PNW!!! RITUALZ is playing at NOCTUM CARO THIS FRIDAY THE 16TH, and I PRETty mUCH MOTHERFUCKING DARE YOU TO FIND BETTER SHIT GOING ON THAT NIGHT ANYWHERE. I WOULDn’T sponsor some half assed shit, the BILL IS FUCKING SOLID OAK FRONT TO BACK, DJ SETz BY MASCARA and Teen Girl Dies @ Rave, and DEAD FEATUS. DO NOT MISS RITUALZ, I LOVE THIS MOTHERFUCKER’S mUSIC, you need to take full advantage of this tour, and SEE HIM IN HIS FUCKING PRIME, potentially we only have a month or so left in this dimension, and then who knows what shit we’ll be into, it could be all about sticking our heads up vortexes and shit after that. RITUALZ WAS KIND ENOUGH To DO an interview with us via Viscereality, and he gave us some great personal shit. LIVE FOR NOW, EXPERIENCE BEAUTY, DANCE IN DARKNESS.

Friday NOV 16th.
RITUALZ (Mexico D.F.).
DEAD FETUS (Tillamook, OR)
StrictlyfortheMasses (Olympia, WA)
Mascara [DJ Set] (Etheric Planes of Consciousness)
Teen Girl Dies @ Rave (Seattle, WA)


Can you tell the readers a little about RITUALZ, have you been in past music projects or bands, can you tell me a little about those, how did your name come about or what inspired it?

well ive been making music since i was like 14. i was in noise, hardcore, metal and punk bands plus i had a number of solo projects growing up. all local, nothing serious. it was just something to do growing up in the suburbs and i never took it quite seriously tho i did want to someday. eventually it just happened with ritualz, a project i started after a break from music and not wanting to be in any bands. found working by myself easier and faster. i was just working on music with a new approach after months of not doing it and showed some people my tracks and they told me to put them online. i had to come up with a name to do that so i chose ritualz after a comment a friend made about me being a “ritualistic motherfucker” for listening to we rule the school by belle and sebastian every first day of school every semester while i walked into school lol. it’s spelled with a z because i’ve been influenced by hip-hop and nu metal pretty much all my life. it made sense. the crosses were my screen name on msn messenger so i used that at first but now it’s just the project’s logo. i just think they look cool. no deeper meaning to it all.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

i used to namedrop bands when i got asked this before but thinking about it i guess a better answer is european club music, just generic stuff i don’t even know the name of i listened to on the radio growin up. 90s dance and trance, stuff like industrial/ebm bands i listened to in high school and hip-hop, nu metal and pop music. and black metal of course but a lot less lately. not that i’m not into it anymore tho.

the ramones are a big influence too but not musically. especially dee dee and joey. i admire those guys.

Can you tell me about labels and or bands who you feel are putting out some of the best new music?

vatican shadow is killing it right now. can’t stop listening to him lately. as far as labels, hippos in tanks has to be my favorite right now.

What blogs do you enjoy the most, what makes them special?

i only “read” the blog i run really, it’s called negativeyouth.net. i get my music mostly from facebook, twitter and soundcloud, or meeting people in bands. i don’t really read blogs. sometimes hipster runoff if the headline is relevant to my interests.

Your new material is fucking insane, loved it all, can you tell me about the release you’re currently working on, when will it be out?

i’m working on a couple of things right now. making new versions of some songs from my two first EPs, some of which i already play live, i kind of want to release that as the end of this first stage in ritualz. i don’t know when or with what label tho but it’s close to completion. then it’s the new ritualz music i’m working on, which is like futuristic/sci if rather than occult influenced. but it’s too early to say how it’ll come out. at some point during the next months i’m releasing a side project too as dj maquina de muerte on my own label maligna (facebook.com/malignamx). now i’m stressed about all the work i have to do thanks.

You’re currently on tour, can you tell me a little about touring, do you enjoy it, what is some of the coolest shit you’ve seen or you’ve been tour while traveling?

i love touring, it’s the best part of being a musician really. you get to travel to a lot of places and go to parties and play music and get paid for it. it can get crazy but i love it. it’s amazing. on free days i can do tourist shit or go see bands that’d never come down to mexico, like when i saw boris in london. that was fucking sick. i guess a good anecdote from my tours would be when i was in timisoara, romania and i went to a hardcore punk club that was in a second floor inside a warehouse in a warehouse complex in the industrial part of the city. it was just what it sounds like. then for some reason i dj’d and was playing japanese trance and this old romanian punk/biker guy came up to me asking for some stoner rock like three times which i declined to play, the fourth time he came up to me he was really really angry and said i was ruining his night so he and all his friends left. i felt bad but it was funny.

Can you give me an example of something you consider perfect?

rilee marks’ tits

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

this on repeat forever on a huge screen in a black room playing moderately loud.

tho that’d be fucking sweet. not really hell-like.

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

i’ve seen UFOs a couple of times and me and my sister played ouija once and asked shit about the universe and the afterlife. that was pretty interesting until the spirit started insulting my sister and we stopped.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

i was watching sunnO))) live with attila as their singer. at one point he said GRAVITY in the deepest darkest voice and that was the darkest best moment ever for me watching a live band. goosebumps everywhere and infinite mental brofists. sunnO))) is my favorite live band.

Some are saying this is the greatest era to exist as a musician, others say it’s the worst, what has your experience been like?

i’m having a pretty good time but i’m just getting started. idk.

Have you ever been to a psychic, would you be willing to share that experience if so?

no but i’ve done the online tarot thing and it was creepily accurate. also read my horoscope every couple of days.

If you could choose how the world would end, what would you choose?

alien invasion plox.











I Vacation In Your Hell
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