Mushy – “When You Say Time” (1984)

I honestly don’t have a lot of money, barely enough to get by and eat most days, still not finding a place to crash for more than a few nights in a row. I went to a soup kitchen to try to get dinner for thanksgiving, and they turned me away, I guess if you’re wearing too many medallions you don’t meet the criteria for what a starving person looks like. Do we need to do a feed the goths campaign, to bring awareness that people who enjoy dressing a little on the costumey side could possibly be starving as well? I mean come on, look at the majority of homeless people, they make their own costumes and shit out of feathers bags, old military uniforms.

Organic love for mechanised hearts… order the new 7″ 1984 by Mushy now

Video created by Logan Owlbeemoth


I Vacation In Your Hell
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