ADULT. are probably one of the most important bands to come along in the last 20 years, setting the blueprint for so many bands, you can almost see the direct line from certain Adult. tracks to major pieces of music by Crystal Castles. They were heavily lumped into the electro scene that was born of the marketing behind the 2001/2002 lead-up to Fischerspooner’s major label run, there were some incredible bands that came from that era, I was at pretty much every key show during that era, too young to be let in, I used street candy to befriend artists and promoters who gave me pretty amazing access to some of the legends of the scene that was unfortunately known by the name of a festival that was put on by a DJ who desired to create a pre-fabricated band, that actually wasn’t that bad. But somehow fame is everything talent is nothing aesthetic took over, and some odd offshoots like Har Mar Superstar became well known, and the gothier darker side of electro music sunk further into the bog, to be championed by it’s true modern saviors Crossover, who also rose during this time, represented a band who did everything right, with an impressive and fresh take on their influences that still sounds as unique today as it did when they put out their strange and amazing debut Fantasmo. Resuscitation represents one of the best records of the first decade of the 2000s, and if you can get this fucking amazing classic while it’s back on vinyl for a short time, then I strongly advise you, get this shit while you can, or you’re going to pay out the ass for it in a few years.

Nitzer Ebb “Come Alive” – As Is
The Glove “Perfect Murder” – Blue Sunshine
Human League “Seconds” – Dare!
Severed Heads “We Have Come to Bless the House” – City Slab Horror
Heaven 17 “Let Me Go” – The Luxury Gap
Pet Shop Boys “King’s Cross” – Actually
Grauzone “Hinter Den Bergen” – Die Sunrise Tapes
Bauhaus “Slice Of Life” – Burning From The Inside
Thomas Wydler & Toby Dammit “Ride On Times” – Morphosa Harmonia
Echo & The Bunnymen “All My Colours” – Heaven Up Here
Einstürzende Neubauten “Dead Friends (Around The Corner)” – Perpetuum Mobile
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “The Misunderstanding” – Organisation
Conspiracy International “Moonlight” – Collectiv One
Le Car “Beau Ideal” – Automatic
Martin L. Gore “Compulsion” – Counterfeit

Here’s the info from Ghostly who is putting this amazing shit out again:

“Vinyl Notes:
2 x 12” standard weight black vinyl, limited to 1,000 units worldwide
Vinyl is inserted into original inner art jacket sleeves with an uncoated finish and then into a 2-panel original art jacket with a matte finish
Artwork and design by ADULT.
Includes a download card with 4 bonus tracks
“We’ve wanted to re-release this album for some time,” says ADULT.’s Adam Lee Miller, “but we weren’t ready until now. We have some new material in the pipeline, and we thought this would be a nice way to reintroduce ourselves.”

It is indeed a nice way for the hugely respected Detroit duo to herald their return to the world of music, especially for anyone who missed out on Resuscitation the first time around — the album’s never been available digitally, and the CD version has been out of print for some years now. The reissue thus presents the chance to own one of the more influential records of the early 2000s: either on double 12″ LP or, for the first time, as a digital release.

When it first dropped in 2001, Resuscitation served as a de facto introduction to the duo, collecting a bunch of songs on CD that had only previously been available on hard-to-find singles and EPs. Eleven years later, it does the same thing, except this time around, we can see just how influential its creators’ work has been — and ADULT.’s music only sounds more remarkable with the benefit of hindsight.

At the time, Resuscitation’s combination of crisp beats, squelch-laden synths and Nicola Kuperus’ detached monotone sounded like a broadcast from the future, steeped in the analog synth sounds of forebears like Kraftwerk but possessed of an ultramodern sheen all its own. The duo’s visual aesthetic was just as important — Kuperus’ photography adorned all their album packaging (including this re-release), and their live shows drew on a sense of what a reviewer once called “detached intrigue.”

Echoes of ADULT.’s aesthetic can be heard today in everything from today’s surfeit of analog synth-toting minimal wave bands to the highly stylized divas who dominate the pop charts. But really, in 2012 Resuscitation still sounds like no-one else. With new material on the horizon — starting with a double A-side cover version single, due out November 6th — it’s time to fall in love with ADULT. all over again. And this is the place to start.”


I Vacation In Your Hell
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