I’m going to let Will from Viscereality take the black reigns on this one, he interviewed YYB for IVIYH. But holy fuck this exclusive new track they’ve dropped for this interview is insane as shit. Get this incredible free shit while it lasts:





So these guys are THE HOTNESS right now in Seattle.

They are Killian (22) and Duh (19) and probably the only exciting electronic act besides Crypts to actually be something.

I met up with these guys at a coffee shop to talk a little about their music and opinions on life.

1. How did you guys meet whats your story?

Killian: We met 6-8months ago through some mutual friends.

Duh: I was making folk music before and experimenting w/ your heart always broken stuff, then I met Killian and there was just a shift in interest for me.

K: This is the third reincarnation of Youryoungbody actually. I have been trying to do electronic music since high school. I used to not have any synths, so I would record the air and pitch shift it.

2. Can you tell me about some of your current favorite artists, from Seattle or elsewhere?

K: Old punk and metal for me a lot. I also really like synth music in general though.

D: No current music right now. Everly Brothers, Patsy Kline.

3. What is it about the aesthetic of modern goth culture and dark electronic music that captures your imagination?

K: I started getting into witch house stuff and I remember a lot of people didn’t like it being called “witch house” and you know, its just a label. There hasn’t been dark electronic like this since industrial music really. There has been a void for dark electronic and we were given Effiel 65 and Vengaboys as kids, so seeing that come back is pretty cool.

D: I love this scene, people are always trying to recreate and redefine themselves/ what they are doing. its artistic and beautiful.

4.Can you give me an example of a song you consider perfect?

D: I mostly focus on lyrics. I don’t like rhyming and corny stuff but real poetry.

K: I like “wall of noise” and layers of synths. Or big composition and a lot of parts working together… anything but the lyrics. D: Deep Forest, is a French new-age producer recorded some Pygmy people chanting and it was perfect because it was so raw.

5. Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

D: I consider myself a spiritual person. I feel there’s a force out there that’s so much bigger than us. Living out of control and out of your destiny and fate by living outside of fear and out of control. I consider that to be pretty spiritual.

K: Nothing is controlling what you’re doing. I think it’s more gratifying to know you’re on your own.

6. If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would it be?

K: Anti-christ era Marilyn Manson

D: 9 Circle

7. Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

D: Well this is a funny question because I’m not even old enough to play our own shows. I haven’t been out there long enough to experience everything.

K: At the beginning of the project I was kinda in a spell of depression. I went to see Wolves in the Throne Room and I tranced out. The overall energy and emotion drove it home and the music really helped me.

8. Some are saying this is the greatest era to exist as a musician, others say it’s the worst, what has your experience been like?

K: It sucks! Anyone can look up how to make beats on Ableton or whatever and that removes a huge part of the creative process of dicking around. A lot of times people think there is only one way to make a synth or drum beat and you end up getting a lot of blandly produced crap.

D: The internet kind of killed it for me, but without it [Youryoungbody] we wouldn’t exist.

9. What have you guys been working on next?

K: Making music that’s a challenge, more minimal and yet something that can play with dynamics. We’ve grown a lot in the last 6 months and playing more shows has helped that. Also I’ve been working on putting something together visually for our shows.

D: Working on the lyrical structure of songs. I want to get something more interesting live because we feel awkward on stage and performing live is weird for us. Kind of why I wear wigs onstage, it just makes me feel secure and hidden.

10. Where do you guys see yourselves going with this band?

K: I try not to think about it, but I would love to tour soon.

D: Yeah..traveling..

11. Are you working on any new material, can you tell me about it?

K: We’re trying to make some tracks that are more minimal.

Maybe adding a third member, but who knows…

D: I’ve been working more and more on my vocals. Trying to get live sound like recording.

13. Where did the name YourYoungBody come from?

K: It’s a play on a screen name I saw on To Catch A Predator .




I Vacation In Your Hell
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