Io Echo at the Under The Radar SXSW Party, 3/15/13: I Vacation at SXSW

io Echo

io Echo2

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io Echo4

One of the great things about SXSW is discovering a band you’ve previously never heard of like I did when I happened upon L.A.’s Shoegaze/Goth-Grunge group, Io Echo. I was on my way to a different venue when I heard this fuzzed sound coming out of the Under The Radar party at the Flamingo Cantina. The group has been around for a while and have even opened for Nine Inch Nails, but have only recently put out a proper album. I came in halfway through their set and was immediately enamored by the front-woman, Joanna Gikas. Like a lily among thorns was she among the thrashing of the drums, the blaring of the guitar and bass, and the grinding synths, especially when set next to her fey vocals, her graceful gestures, and the pink Kimono she robed herself in. There were times when her vocals would erupt in an almost ululating dramatic outburst like it did in one of her final songs, “I’m On Fire”, which reminded me of P.J. Harvey. Their overall sound is a great synthesis of The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and, at least in their song, “When the Lilies Die”, The Bangles, which they beautifully made their own. A mark of a great band and a great performance is that they leave you wanting more.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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1 Response to Io Echo at the Under The Radar SXSW Party, 3/15/13: I Vacation at SXSW

  1. wearelikethespider says:

    Love these guys too. Caught them at the Vice Party – great show. Didn’t get to make it to this one.

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