Y-S M (D.2) – Sephirot & Holy Airspace!


I once had a girlfriend that wore fishnets yet refused to shave her legs as sort of a feminist statement. Little hairs would stick through the openings of her fishnets stockings. She was the first Goth Hippie that I ever came across. She taught me about cultural harmony and free love with a fairly morbid tone. I want to say that I took something from our experiences together. We were both confused about ourselves and where we fitted in..in this world. Last time I checked she was working as a Biologist creating cures for infectious diseases. I thought of her first when I heard this song. What I am saying here is that experimentation often leads to beautiful outcomes.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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3 Responses to Y-S M (D.2) – Sephirot & Holy Airspace!

  1. Miss Hybiscus says:

    Did your girlfriend have a penchant for Future Sound of London and dripping gore? I ask because I don’t hear, nor feel, as a matter of fact, fishnet stockings and hairy legs. Sorry.

  2. Miss Hybiscus says:

    Ach! Sarcasm is challenging in typed form, unless accompanied by a bleeding happy emoticon 🙂 (blech). I love this posting. It is indeed, “golden”. I still say it sounds like Future Sound of London, a sound system I love, especially the first track off the first disc of Lifeforms. There you’ll also hear droplets and splashes of oozing gory pleasure, much like this pièce de Sephirot.

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