There There – Like Love (EP)

there there phoenix

In this netherworld we vacation in, this dark sweet void, there are gardens of delight and wondrous sounds, where the moon makes her way across the cold dark sky, chasing away the shadow for a moment’s time, where one may find two lovers reposing, or dancing near the glistening waters of Styx, whispering sweet nothings to one another. Listening to ‘Like Love’, the EP by Phoenix based Shoegaze/Dream Pop band, There There, is the perfect soundtrack for such a dark, yet idyllic, setting. Their sound has been compared to bands like Blonde Redhead, Cocteau Twins, and Portishead. I personally hear a bit of Catherine Wheel, and, dare I say, Morrissey. I heard the band for the first time playing a live show at Pub Rock Live, a venue in Scottsdale, AZ, a few months ago. I was very taken in by the sheer beauty of their sound, from the hypnotic strumming of their guitars and driving rhythm of the drums, to the ethereal, yet soulful, vocals of Alisha Ways (Vocals/Guitars) and JD Clayton (Guitar/Vocals). The two opening tracks, “Prelude” and “Fireflies”, set up the tone of the EP brilliantly, the latter track creating an intimate dreamlike vignette, especially with Alisha’s shimmering vocal quality and lyrics: “Dreams, fireflies, Hide inside, Don’t think twice, Close your eyes…” The sound simply washes over you like a gentle evening breeze. The next few tracks, “Under Sand” and “Gravity”, I liken to miniature dialogues. Starting with “Under Sand”, we hear JD’s voice for the first time in a more lyrical capacity, which is in such harmonious rapport with Alisha’s. There are times that I hear a slight resemblance to Morrissey’s timbre in JD’s voice, especially in “Gravity”. The next and final track off of ‘Like Love’ is aptly titled, “All Things Come to Pass”. It’s the longest track off the EP and has some great musical elements and ideas that come into play, building up to a dramatic crescendo, all whilst one of the voices chants incessantly, “all things come to pass”. Then, there’s nothing, but a few licks of the guitar. It leaves one breathless and wanting more, yet thankful to have experienced some time in There There’s magical world, where the garden is showered by the moon’s beams, and where all is full of love, or at least the illusion of it, though it be short.



I Vacation In Your Hell
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