Naadyn plays with Moon Mirror and Virgin Blood at the Multiplex: I Vacation in Your Portland


If you missed this shit after I warned you not to, then I am laughing at you. I was standing in a space called the Multiplex with about 50 people watching probably the most enlightening performance of the year courtesy of Virgin Blood, Moon Mirror and headliner Naadyn.

Virgin Blood went up first and whipped through a stellar set. Cupidity was excellently performed, a definite highlight of a very artistic night. If you have been following this motherfucking blog then you know I dropped her shit on you last September.

virgin blood 2

virgin blood 5

virgin blood 3

virgin blood

Moon Mirror filled the center slot of the bill with a dancey sort of set. Really good visuals and keen attention to her sound as she was often adjusting levels playing her own sound person during the performance. In my book, if you are doing all the performing while acting as your own sound person then you are probably pretty fucking superhuman. Watching all these other Prima donnas perform last week at Gothchella I don’t think they could pull this kind of shit off.

moon mirror 2

moon mirror

moon mirror 4

moon mirror 3

And then Naadyn went on. Been waiting an entire year or so to see her perform her first U.S. show. She was as delicate and perfect live than I could have ever imagined. Every vocal delivery was spot on to the recording. Hearing White Horse, Heart Bleed, Lose You and Faces made my fucking night. All the Galaxy material was superb live. Moon Mirror came on and performed the song “Moon” with Naadyn about midway through the set which really demonstrated the importance of why these artists are so well aligned right now. I am again laughing at you if you missed this. This was in-fact Naadyn’s only U.S. show. I am going to rub salt on the wound too and let you know this show was FREE. It was like having Naadyn play in your living room.

naadyn 1

naadyn 2

naadyn 3

naadyn 4

naadyn 5


I Vacation In Your Hell
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