New one from the lovely Bruxa via Portland Motherfucking Oregon bitches! This came off the wire when I was siphoning free wi-fi off of a neighbor who refuses to lock down their network. Their only defense…naming their network “FBI Van #9″. Ain’t deterring fucking me, my veins are about to explode with a highly experimental narcotic. I am sure I bogged down their network playing this shit on repeat with 9 tabs open like a motherfucking symphony. I fucking hate poser spooks. Things move at a snail’s pace. Can’t get this motherfucking Gmail to open. There is a ton of fucking hate mail waiting for me to read. In case I can’t get to your mail full of hate…consider this a prelude to what is to come….”FUCK YOU…YOU FUCKING FUCK”! Love Mathew.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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