Marnie – The Hunter

This sounds like this should be the new Ladytron single on the new Ladytron album. Why people go off to make music as solo artists that sound like their previous band material is beyond me? I like it though.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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2 Responses to Marnie – The Hunter

  1. dark city says:

    Listen to the rest of the album. The Hunter is the only song from Crystal World that sounds a bit like Ladytron.

  2. SITE MASTER says:

    Solo projects explore avenues that your previous incarnation limit you from exploring. Or it could completely be an ego thing. Either way solo projects can go really well or really bad depending on the artist. I am not opposed to them nor do I gladly accept them. Don’t get me wrong I like this Marnie project. The rest of the album does have some creative directions.

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