Featureless Ghost – Trance State or Identity – New EP


These motherfuckers never disappoint. I’m dressing up as featureless ghost to stay in and do drugs this halloween. This shit isn’t released until Monday, but get your dusty fingers ready to start clicking the links below to know it a few days early.

“Featureless Ghost return with the ‘Trance State or Identity’ EP for Acoustic Division, out Oct. 14th. Fresh from the release of their ‘Sugarcoated’ 12″ on CGI Records (featuring remixes by Beau Wanzer (L.I.E.S.) and Scott Fraser (World Unknown)), Atlanta-based duo Featureless Ghost return with their new EP ‘Trance State or Identity’, a collection of four highly crafted original tracks for Acoustic Division and their first new material since 2012’s Personality Matrix LP for Night People.

Known for their mastery of tense cybernetic synth-pop, the new material sees members Elise Tippins and Matt Weiner plunging head-first towards the blackened ecstasy of dance-floor revelry, fusing gothic strains of techno, vintage Detroit electro and contemporary house into a precise and cutting future funk. This record runs the full course – hard and jacking right into the beautiful and disorienting warmth of the abyss. Electric romanticism and drum machine communion at its finest.”



I Vacation In Your Hell
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