Deadlights – “We Have Some Planes”


This album here will probably get Sitemaster added to the NSA shitlist. This album seems to be dedicated to the Sept 11th attacks. Not necessarily something I like to re-live as an art form. Ambient music is a world that is so lightly lit that I often fall victim to it due to my lack of insight. I can’t understand its irony or its underpinnings. All I understand is that it is black and as so am I. So here I am falling deep into its darkness not knowing what I am getting myself in to.

Considering Drone is a music form of ultra slowed down sound waves. What if these tracks were simply encryptions for people to communicate via the Internet in the age of surveillance? What if you had to speed these up, play backwards or shift an octave in order to decipher the encrypted messages? Just a theory.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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