MARTIAL CANTEREL /// Navigations Volume I (2013)


This is Sean of Xeno & Oaklander. I promised a friend I’d write about this tour but I fucked that up, let’s just say November was challenging. I love this shit, and I love Xeno & Oaklander, but I’m making myself sick. You think in order to love anything you’d need to have the capacity to love yourself. I feel like I’m running on the fumes of existence. Is it fair to let the pain of others haunt you, your entire life. I don’t. I feel incredibly used, and the kindness I’ve displayed is never repaid to my face. Do me a favor, when you see someone who needs help, even if you’re only capable of passing on a small kindness, please help them. Pass on no pain. Go see this tour, or anything you’d like to do, get a time machine or some shit. Enjoy the recordings, below, very good.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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