Fire Coral: Exclusive Interview and Brand New Song VAAV

Fire Coral Exclusive IVIYH Interview

Fire Coral Exclusive IVIYH Interview

We have entered a post-fucking everything world and the shit is getting deep. So deep that the overabundance of hybrid genres readily available has Sitemaster up to his waist. One of the more finer specimens of musical evolution is Fire Coral. If you look into the prism of Fire Coral’s work, you can see a wealth of different dark genres protruding like a spectrum of enlightenment cascading upon the ears of the listener.

I get really excited about Fire Coral’s ability to blend different styles into a sound collage of listen-ability that I find myself sometimes listening to in multiple hour sessions. If you don’t have access to medical grade lithium, his music can be therapeutic. This comes as a disclaimer though, because I am not a doctor, so don’t go dropping your meds and replacing it with Fire Coral’s sound therapy. With that said though I am convinced that his music soothes the soul.

Fire Coral’s work started off in 2011 as a witch house project but evolved into many different classes of styles. You can check out the most comprehensive timeline of Fire Coral’s musical journey at the end of this post. Make sure you ask for a new external HD this Christmas because there is a shit ton of music to download. Also, if you can’t stand reading anymore and want to get to the new song VAAV ———–> scroll all the way to the bottom of this post.

In the meantime, IVIYH caught up with the artist to discuss the past, present and future.

Tell us about the Fire Coral project and when and why you formed it?

I formed Fire Coral when I started getting into Witch House, a few years ago. My tracks started off in that genre but I have since spread my wings and dabbled in various genres. I tend to have a lot of 80s influence in my music for Fire Coral now. My tracks no longer fall into the Witch House pigeon-hole but I still admire that kind of music and take cues from it time-to-time if I feel like peppering my music with a certain kind of darkness. Prior to starting Fire Coral, I’d experienced a lull in my creativity so it was a relief to be making music again. And before that inactive musical period, I had two projects which faded away; one involved sample-heavy beats that bordered on the industrial and the other focused on power electronics/noise.

Every artist has a statement they are trying to make, what is Fire Coral’s artistic statement?

Hard to say. But if I pick something out of thin air now, I guess my statement is more of an intention. It is to try and weird people out with my music, with varying levels of success, cos it breaks them out of the drudgery that is the status quo. That’s as far as it goes. I make music for myself and if others enjoy it, then that’s a bonus. My ongoing mission is to keep on refining the essence of Fire Coral but while still being able to explore different territories.

Tell us about your new digital release entitled UH HUH?

UH HUH is basically a collection of tracks that I worked on that I was going to use for a new project; a more dance-oriented one that I was going to name after a literary character. Whilst working on them, I was also producing tracks for my next Fire Coral release, which will be a cassette entitled COALESCE. I then started an internal debate with myself with regard to putting some of the dancey tracks on the cassette and I decided not to because they sounded too different to the tracks I’d already chosen for it. As I was getting impatient with waiting for my cassette to be released due to duplication issues, I decided to scrap the idea of starting a new project for the dancey tracks and instead release them under the Fire Coral name as a stand-alone e.p; as I dip in and out of various genres anyway so I figured there’d be no harm in it. I wanted to satisfy my own yearning to release something after not putting anything out there for a while and it gives my fans and potential new fans something to listen to while they wait for COALESCE to emerge.

Briefly describe what “Ice Punk” is to our readers?

“What is Icepunk?”, I ask myself. It’s subjective. Wintry vibes, perhaps? Attempting to represent coldness in the form of audio? I’m not entirely sure. I don’t exclusively subscribe to this genre and I’ve only released one track that could be placed within this genre; it was a track called ABSOLUTE ZERO that was on the first ever Icepunk compilation via Aural Sects. Having said that, some elements of my music (in the more dreamy and ethereal tracks) could be described as bearing characteristics of Icepunk. That genre is still trudging along and now the Post Religion label are taking it forward. They released the 2nd and 3rd Icepunk compilations. I may place the entirety of my focus on working in such a genre again, at some point, cos I do feel like part of my personality belongs in Icepunk but for now I am satisfied with the flexibility of taking inspiration from a number of sources and not having to feel tied down by the restrictions that a niche webosphere-born genre can impose.

Can you give me an example of a song you consider perfect?

This is difficult because I don’t really have a favourite band or musician. I don’t think any song is perfect. My favourite song at the moment is probably Reykjavik by Brolin. The vocals remind me a little of Jimmy Somerville from Bronski Beat. I could have a new favourite song next week; it changes fairly often. Although, I admit that I do listen to post-punk, detroit techno and hip-hop a lot.

What are some of your favorite spots to hang out in that you draw influence from?

I don’t really hang out in many places. I’ll either walk around town in Birmingham or go to my friends houses, pubs or the odd gig. Because I’ve been in the same city for all the years I’ve been alive, my energy can be sapped quite often due to prolonged exposure to the same environment and not much seems fresh and exciting as a result. However, if I look hard enough, smidgens of light can be found shining out the bleak atmosphere. I appreciate being amongst nature when I’m able to take myself out of the city. I’d like to see more of the world.

What is the scene like in the U.K.?

Quite good. It’s getting better and better. The underground is thriving; here and all over the world. It’s an international, largely internet-based scene that I’m proud to be a part of. The mainstream, however, is not doing so well and is therefore appropriating a lot from the underground, as if they can’t think for themselves. I guess they’ve done that for a long time but now it’s more apparent. That leads me to believe that the mainstream music industry is engaging in this behaviour more than ever before. But I only really know what they are doing because I exist within the underground and have that vantage point; looking outwards. I suppose it proves that the underground is where all the best ideas are. It just shows that mainstream music is suffering some kind of torturous death, now that more people rely on the internet and the freedom that it affords independent musicians and labels, and thus needs to grasp at elements of the underground in an attempt to breathe life back into the music charts. But the charts are usually shit. I’m not entirely dismissive of the mainstream; there’ll always be a handful of acts who buck trends and dictate to their major-label bosses rather than being dictated to. That’s a lot of power.

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you would be willing to share?

I don’t believe in that shit. I had an experience once when I was nine but, looking back, I put it down to having a vivid imagination and being not fully awake.

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?

I’m open to any collaborations. I think I’d like to work with Drowning The Colossus.

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

I wouldn’t let you travel there.

What kind of themes can we expect to hear on the upcoming Fire Coral album?

Plenty of 80s vibes. A homage to the New Beat scene that existed in Belgium in the 80s. Some synthwave. A nod to the kind of disco music that Arthur Russell produced. A lot of counterpoint, which is something I love to do. And a few other bits and pieces thrown in. Somewhere in that cauldron of ingredients lies a touch of my personality, which I try to inject in all of my music.

Fire Coral has been throwing down some amazing shit since two-thousand-mother-fucking-eleven (2011), check out the Fire Coral timeline:

1 March 2011

Somewhere between 1 March and 31st May 2011

31 May 2011
Deee-Lite – Groove Is in the Heart (FIRE CORAL REMIX)

10 June 2011

11th August 2011

13 August 2011

16 September 2011

23 September 2011
FIRE CORAL – Reptilisocia E.P

1 October 2011

12 December 2011
Haruki Tamesue – GØLD3N ▲RMS (Fire Coral’s CH3▼▼3D N SP▲T B▲CK ØUT R3F†X)

24 December 2011
WHITE TRI∆NGLES – Waves (Fire Coral’s CH3▼▼3D N SP▲T B▲CK ØUT R3F†X)

21 January 2012
NATTYMARI – ##icerejekt## (Fire Coral re-edit)

9th February 2012

1 March 2012
Fire Coral – HORACE

20 May 2012
Fire Coral – Rayman’s Oddysee

14 June 2012
Fire Coral – COLLECTION #1 E.P

9 July 2012

10 December 2012

14 February 2013

30 May 2013

19 November 2013

And here it is my lovely bitches…the brand new track by Fire Coral VAAV:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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