Another Year In Hell: A LOOK back AT 2013 (twothousandandthirteenbullshit)


Was it another wasted year of my life, or was it jaw-dropping orgasm-inducing amazing? For me there is a very fine line between the two, considering how far I push my brain’s chemicals each day. I am still in touch with reality enough to know that the music on this list is what lubed the giant cock of our culture as it prepared for my morning fuck session that is called life in a body. SOOOOOoooo much good shit, I don’t fucking know where to start, but I will say this, it was the year of The WHITE WITCH, if you don’t know what that means then you haven’t been reading enough. I won’t shit all over this by hyping up shit, and saying a ton of shit that misrepresents this music. As much as I can, I will let this fucking incredible year of music speak for itself.

1. Moon Mirror – Transference

Moon Mirror Transference Album of the Year

Crossover, genre blending, sound collaging…you heard a lot of those buzz phrases muttered all year long here in hell. Some artists talk about it others live it. Moon Mirror took a couple of musical styles and forged her own path not caring about anything but expression. What she ended up with was a completely accomplished album Transference, which in its own way was an unconscious redirection of her emotions and feelings to “us” – the listener. This album taught us not to give a fuck about a scene which was in the process of imploding and reminded us that style is individualistic and art is a form that can be all your own. Transference showed us that vision is what 2013 was all the fuck about and if you got it people will recognize it even if their ego at first glance says no.

2. Blank Banshee – Blank Banshee 1

blank banshee

This bitch deserved it last year, and he definitely deserves to be on this shit this year. Sea Punk comes back with a fucking vengeance, it unzips your pants and just starts going to town on your ass. Do not pass go, do not read down any further into this list without obtaining this recording and throwing whatever money you have at Blank.

3. Marxloh – For All The Words You Want


Floored when I first heard this album. If depression is your darkness, then this is a Satan themed amusement park that never relents. You just are not going to be able to experience lows like this anywhere else. Yes this is the darkest, saddest most somber album I heard all year long and I loved every miserable second. And guess fucking what? This was pt 2 (the second release) from the same artist who released pt 1 under a different alias earlier in the year. And guess what again, PT 1 also made this list because depression is the new black.

4. CRIM3S – Stay Ugly

crim3s still ugly

Lots of good shit, but the title track “Stay Ugly” I could loop for an entire day. Not over this band by a long shot. They just keep bringing it hard every single time. I absolutely expect this one played when I go out to my favorite watering hole, and by that I mean an ally behind the Hooters where I literally get my hole watered listening to CRIM3S.

5. Author & Punisher – Women & Children:


It was hard not to remember 2013 without its many industrial incarnations. Author & Punisher brought it hard with their album “Women & Children” and made sure your favorite goth night had its balance of angst and industrial kick-back. I expect 2014 to give us more Industrial. It is like the last untapped frontier.

6: Youth Code – Youth Code (Self Titled)


So much shit could have been number one this year, I love this shit too fucking much to make it number 6, but the existing laws of our universe don’t allow 20 parallel number 1s. YC are making Los Angeles seem cool again, and blowing minds with this insane selfie of a record. Get fucking deep into YC with my interview with them here.

7. Skinny Puppy – Weapon


Skinny Puppy brought their long awaited album in 2013 and if you have been invested in this band as long as I have then you require just one more hit to get your fix. Like I said Industrial showed quite the presence in 2013 and I required multiple listens to this one.

8. ∆AIMON – S/T


I’ve smoked myself into a space baby with some really frightening pot listening to this for the first time, and holy shit it delivers some really big moments. ∆AIMON really fucking loves you to deliver this present of pure dark beauty. I am very happy to live in a time where I get to see this shit go down live, it makes my 992 daily deaths seem worthwhile. Sink below the dark with the interview with ∆AIMON.

9. Prison for Kids – Ekduo

Prison for Kids Exclusive I Vacation In Your Hell Interview

These kids made so much music and so many albums that eventually one of them was destined to land on our fiery shores. The Ekduo EP especially wet my whistle for that dreamy-noise-pop shit that has been going strong ever since My Bloody Valentine.

10. Naadyn – Galaxy

naadyn galaxy

About at the beginning of the year Naadyn dropped her fanciful follow up “Galaxy”. This started the bitch that was 2013 off right. This album was some more of that White Witch I was telling you about and you can hear its influence on Moon Mirror’s Transference. This was no accident though, these artists travel in packs even if the scene is global the music will always be local. The track that brings you to your motherfucking knees is “Lose You” while “Heart Bleed” does exactly that. I loved this album in its entirety deep into the year because it was lined with hope. That is something that is rare around these parts.

11. Signs – How Sweet Of You


This album dropped nearly at the end of the year and it grew me enough to make my prime cut. A fine conceptual album that is destined for the club, but most likely will end up being played in your bedroom. Yes, this is going to make you and everyone around you want to drop their panties. I am going to hold this one dear well into the bitch that is going to be twothousandandfourteen.

12. Spell Hound – Guerrilla EP

Spell Hound Exclusive IVIYH Interview

Sometime in the middle of 2013, I ran into Spell Hound. The duos musical approach is more like a science experiment gone right. Happy mistakes do happen in hell. I pumped Guerrilla quite a bit for myself and my friends, showing off their musical genius.

13. Feast of Violet – Platform EP


So much ambient dub in 2013, so little time to explore it all. If I had to pick one to take with me to a desert island I would take this one. It appreciates upon each listen. Very rewarding acquisition for me. I can listen to this for hours and just chill the fuck out.

14. Chelsea Wolfe – Pain is Beauty


Pain IS beautiful. Call it neo-folk-goth or whatever the fuck you want. Sometimes an acoustic guitar and a darkened heart is all you need to create something that even the mainstream bitches will throw some attention your way with. I like this album more than I should and getting to see a first class act like this tour the country would make me smile if I remembered how to.

15. AURA (of Mater Suspiria Vision) – Golden Dawn

This incredible record helped me to make all of my dawns more golden, and I’m not just talking about the bath salt induced golden showers I gave myself. This is a painfully beautiful record, and lives up to the extremely high standard we’ve come to expect from anything associated with MSV. She dropped this incredible interview and track debut on our ass not too long ago, click to relive the golden glory.

16. Crueler – I Was Dancing While She Was Dying


My somberness began when I first heard this and when I thought things could not get any lower for me, I ended up dipping even deeper with their follow up. Some would say that this was a cruel punishment, I say that it was Crueler. The devil has many names.

19. oOoOO – Without Your Love

This is hands down my favorite oOoOO release, so much beauty and pain, all at once, it is how I remember love would feel when I could still actually feel anything.

18. BLVCK CEILING – Neon Columbia

Dan muthafuckin Ocean is laying it down real heavy again, with another major powerhouse of a record FUCKING NEON COLUMBIA, that is some intense devil’s breath-laced shit right there. This record fucking lives up to that title and even pushes to some of my favorite all time moments of BLVCK CEILING’s music. Another major achievement for dark electronic this year, and I am sure as long as this dude is making music he’s always going to find a spot in my golden circle of favorites each year. Relive the incredible mix that he dropped on my shit here, fucking amazing FREE DOWNLOAD….

19. XXYYXX – Pay Attnention

I fucking hate to love this kid’s shit so much, but you can’t knock the fucking raw talent on display in the lone new track he dropped in 2013. Clearly music for giving your chromosomes a nice chemical polishing, and when we finally develop the third strand of DNA our ancient alien creators have long promised us, this kid may be the first to develop the new flesh.

20. MΔMΔ TΣSTΔ – The Lurk EP

The beat trickery on this one alone still has my mind spinning to the max. When I am out there on the streets this is what I like to listen to to psyche myself up for the unexpected. I like to feel strange, and this is my gateway into the undiscovered worlds of the unusual and somewhat disturbing.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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1 Response to Another Year In Hell: A LOOK back AT 2013 (twothousandandthirteenbullshit)

  1. forestpunk says:

    yr blog is my new favorite thing ever. thank all the pagan idols. couldn’t have come sooner, as it sometimes seems that all the “witch house” and okkvlt currents are drying up, and we all have to go back to listening to jay-z and eminem again. Makes me want to blast bone awl and bash my head against the wall. Now i’ll just jam some syrup jamz instead and smoke a cigarette, and perhaps live another day. Thanks for all the new sounds to check out! I’m digging the fuck out of this marxloh record, right now. good call.

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