Unicorn Domination – Drala


I think between Moon Mirror, Virgin Blood and now Unicorn Domination…why the fuck would I ever want to stop couch surfing at my friend’s place in Portland. This Northwest hub is like Graceland for Gothic ambient music and I am the house guest from hell. This is the second full length from the Unicorns and it is Goth, experimental, ambient and Trip-hop to the touch. Banshee has got me feeling all retrospective and shit. This motherfucker of an album creeps into your consciousness and does not relent.

Unicorn Domination Biography

Thriving in the rich performance art culture of Portland OR, is Chelsea Unicorn, Lucia Luna and ClickAttack’s music project Unicorn Domination. The trio weaves a soundscape of fat electronic beats spliced with melodic hooks. Witchcackle echoes whip and swell through their live performance, painting dark empathic dreamscapes.

Their self titled 2010 EP invokes the dark edge of triphop and shoegaze with a smooth spread of ambient synths. Their debut album STATUS released February 2012 is reminiscent of a crispy bowl of skittles and glitter. They just released their second full length album “Drala” which pumps a much darker underbelly of sound compared to STATUS.

A Portland native, Chelsea is a prolific painter and composer. She plays Theremin, sings, and contributes greatly to the production of Unicorn Domination’s original tracks. She began playing guitar at 16, releasing an acoustic e.p. 2007, and an electronic e.p. 2009 in the music project Stereotech. Her voice is resonant of bells, gliding through phases of soft and ethereal swells into sharp precision. Lucia Luna composes operatic vocal melodies, and her synth style adds a noise frequency and prominent euphonic texture. She joined Unicorn Domination 2013, after writing and performing with the band “We are like the Spider” for 4 years. Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Clint’s drum style and on stage thunder deeply reflect the attitude and pulse of the dirty dirty. His animated character is like a breakfast of caffeine and pop-rocks. Clint uses southern hip hop, rock, marching band, and orchestral influences to carefully wield floor shaking beats.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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