CurseWords // Nature’s First Green is Gold


Out of all the shit I had to listen to this weekend, this release by Cursewords made it all worthwhile. These are some mellow ambient productions produced enough to make it palatable by outsiders. You might even be tempted to call this soundtrack music. Any type of music can be a soundtrack though in the right context. This is a whole unit though. It needs to be listened to from start to finish to fully benefit from what it offers.

The St Louis fellow behind Cursewords is working on another release for this summer entitled “Lupine” with a more darker ambient electronic feel to it. Look forward to the next release very much.

Cursewords back catalog featured on the cloud digs deep into witch house stylings like on the track Wintermute. There is so much to be discovered if you are feeling retrospective.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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