Tender Bones // The Dark

tender bones melbourne australia

Brilliance is brewing in the land of the south. These Melbourne bitches are about to drop a full EP in both digital and vinyl formats which is worth your time. I am liking the lead track “The Dark” mainly because I feel that way generally most of the time. That’s 99.7% of the time to be exact. I can’t pinpoint what makes this track so infectious. Is it the slow drooling note progressions that grinds the listener along? Maybe it is the distant voice, that of someone who is poetically letting it ride? There are many questions in life, but one thing is certain, I enjoy shoegaze much like I enjoy fish – raw. It tastes better that way. It allows you to taste the flavors more fully. Call it shoegaze sushi if you will. Tender Bones calls it “…evocative tone bending moods which will reverberate within your soul and provide resolutions to all of life and death’s difficult problems”. I couldn’t have said it better.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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