Pictureplane // Check Yo’ Ponytail Mixtape 2


Apparently someone held a gun to Pictureplane’s head and said produce this mix for us. Turned out pretty sick considering some of the Teenybopper content. That’s why they call it mixed media my bitches.

1. The unknow “sin”
2. Africa hitech “out in the streets”
3. Dj sketch “let’s have some fun”
4. Britney spears “till the world ends” (white sea extended club mix)
5. Tweet “oops” (dj k. Mills remix)
6. Young L “fluorescent lightings”
7. Suicide commando “at the end of your life”
8. Jager 90 “mulsken”
9. Burzum “war”
10. Autre ne veut “emotional”



I Vacation In Your Hell
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