Dismal Poet #9 “F.L.U.X. LP” featuring MVRIE CELESTE

fabricate ghostyouth marie

Been reaching for some rather dark-glitchy-experimental-future-witchhouse-sci-fi-electronica production on a varied LP that goes by the name of F.L.U.X. On the track “Fabricate” we hear some shit majorly go down for the good when Mvrie Celeste lends some witchy trip hop vox to the backings of Ghostyouth/Dismal Poet who stacks the track with beautiful glitchy instrumentation and production values that are different in ways I have never heard before. I am a big fan of collaborations, because we see some fantastic end-products made this way. This is more than a promising collaboration project. I anticipate more sweet goodness for these two.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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