Schonwald // Dream For The Fall


I like the beats on “Neon” and the way it kind of loops in a wondrous stance delirious of how pleasurable it is to the ears of the listener. It just kind of does its own thing but works very well for the music. This is one of my favorite artists. Schonwald just does not put out dull music. Everything is just where it needs to be which is a little beyond perfection. Schonwald’s music is also delivered in unconventional release formats where I can’t tell what is an album and what is a single. One record over there another track over there – that’s the modern era for you. I love the unconventional approach though and I am not complaining. However, “Dream for the Fall” was put out by Anywave and it is a pretty solid cohesive record. The tracks are leaking in over the cloud. Check it out!


I Vacation In Your Hell
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