Partisan // II

partisan the artisan

Bunny, the artist behind the project Partisan, dropped this one in finality the other day after teasing us with a single by single countdown. This one opens up in true industrial fashion with the track “Fissure” with some tribal beats conducted on what sounds like a battalion of steel shopping carts clamoring about. Then we move on to “Iced Out” which sounds like a defective steel drum being bent into submission. This album is cinematic to the core. It belongs as a soundtrack to a futuristic movie of sorts. There are 4 remixes comprising the second half of this album. My favorite is Pe† Ceme†ery‘s Tectonic mix of Fissure the opener. You see Pe† Ceme†ery may very well be the alter ego of the same artist behind Partisan. That’s what music like this does it just seeds its self deep into your soul before grinding its way out again.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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