Eyeshadows // Exclusive Interview, Mix Tape and Remix by In Death It Ends

Eyeshadows exclusive interview with I Vacation In Your Hell

Eyeshadows exclusive interview with I Vacation In Your Hell

The ever so enchanting Eyeshadows has been all in my hell lately. If you are a frequenter to these parts then you know I don’t hold back on my admiration for the duo. I nearly blow my shit every time I hear one of their finely tuned tracks play eloquently across the medium. They have the capacity to make a beat player sound somewhat like the Sydney Opera House on its best day.

Eyeshadows finished songs are of the accomplished variety. They have a certain vision, darkened soul and quite a bit of hook that pulls you in with much magnitude. It is moments like this where you can admire what a great future these cats have in store for them. I have seen a lot of shit come and go over the years, but this is some quality shit right here. Dagger Forest the label behind the duo were so smooth about setting up this interview. I can’t help but get a sneaking suspicion that everyone kind of knows how particularly special this outfit is. Very honored to be interviewing them just in time as they release their gorgeous as fuck EP titled EP1. They even graced us with a custom mix-tape exclusive for this very interview titled Bullet Park. Go ahead and press play and make it the background soundtrack as you read their truth:

Here is the Man Made (In Death It Ends Mix) —- an exclusive remix of Eyeshadows track made by postpunk/WH occultist In Death It Ends!

Also, here is E Y E S H A D O W mixing Brandy and Monica // The Boy Is Mine!

Let the interview begin…

Please Introduce Eyeshadows, and what each of you contribute to the project.

E Y E S H A D O W S are myself, Mark Rodenhurst who provides vocals and Y.O.T.I who writes and produces the music. We formed a couple of years ago in London.

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming 4-song EP?

It’s a collection of tracks we’ve been working on for a while. 4 songs which in their own way detail a different facet of who EYESHADOWS are musically. We’re very proud of it but there’s a lot more to come.

There is a certain luster to you recordings that is hard to pinpoint, how would you describe your music to say someone on the street (perhaps an outsider) that isn’t familiar with your sound?

A lot of the music we create we see almost as a soundtrack. We’ve often said our music is “music for the end times” and we think of it like that. A soundtrack to the brutality and confusion and strangeness we observe and experience every day in the world around us. We want to produce music which is contemporary, political and that occasionally you can dance to.

Is there a song writing / music making process that Eyeshadows goes through?

We tend to start from a drum loop, synth sound or sample which YOTI will build and layer upon. I’ll then put some vocal melodies on top after we’ve worked on the lyrics together. Songs may fester for a while. We tend to have a lot being worked on at the same time and often we’ll leave a track for weeks or months before coming back to it and taking it apart or developing it.

The video for Man-made was provocative enough to get some concerning hell mail, tell us a little bit about the film clip.

Well it’s a quite powerful film. We talked for a long time about whether we wanted to use it and why we were using it. There’s a reason we do what we do and use the imagery we use. It’s not a cynical attempt to shock or go viral, merely an attempt at communication. A lot of music produced today says very little about the world around us. It seems to consciously aim to ignore anything other than its own existence, degenerating into a watered down copy of a copy, regurgitating the same tired lines and the same tired world view and that’s frightening. The fact that we’ve had to defend the imagery we use on more than one occasion says to me a lot about what it’s generally believed can and can’t be said in popular culture and music at the moment. I think it’s very sad that popular music has been diminished to such an extent that it serves no other cultural purpose than to provide the soundtrack to commercials.

Can you give me an example of a song you consider perfect?

We have quite disparate tastes in music but we’ve recently both been enjoying Canadian singer Chinawoman. Her track Party Girl is as perfect a song as you could wish for. Beautiful, simple, and communicates something relevant and moving in just over 4 minutes, using the minimum of fuss.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

Yoti: Watching Tuxedo Moon play in London a couple of years ago brought about an incredible euphoric experience and I was completely sober.

Mark: If you listen to Messiaen’s “Quartert for the end of time” on headphones whilst walking through a shopping centre I guarantee you will be overcome with an overwhelming sense of connection with the whole sad mess of humanity.

If I was to vacation in your hell what would I find?

Panos: A teenage kid crying in his Mum’s bedroom listening to his walkman.

Mark: You would be working in a call centre I worked in for many months selling life insurance.

What does the future store for Eyeshadows?

We’ll be expanding EYESHADOWS to include a live drummer for our next live performances which we’re very excited about. We’ve also got some remixes ready to go including a great one from Antoni Maiovvi and we’re working on new tracks as well. We’re going to be here for the duration.

Some previously posted E y e s h a d o w s tracks in case you didn’t catch it the first time around:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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