Neon Shudder // Hex Phase

neon shudder

Hex Phase is the new 5-tracker from none other than Neon Shudder a finalist from 2014’s darkest albums of the year. This newer release is an absolute ode to the late 1980s futurism that should have been realized via the soundtrack of a Sega console. I am about to head out to the desert in a few days and will be playing this album during my long journey throughout. I’m going to play it for friends, but mostly I will play it for myself. The standout for me is the carefully thought out and well orchestrated “Petrichor”. This track does everything I need it to. It builds and carefully disassembles its self like a fine art. Before you know it this album is over though. It is a fast player. It comes and it goes quickly.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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1 Response to Neon Shudder // Hex Phase

  1. I love when a song has the ability to instantaneously get my attention. Very good choice of music here! subscribed! Check out my blog if you ever have the chance!

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