Prison for Kids // Revived Divine

prison for kids

The Kids are one of my all-time favorite artists doing what they are doing today in the modern shit fest which is the post apocalyptic days of the dead music industry. When I say “artist” I mean that shit in big amounts too! Call it the highest form of flattery around. Real artists are the types that are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. I have not heard a Prison For Kids album yet that sounds anything like a previous release. And…they are not going off and making unpalatable garbage either. Every album is a gift to my hungry ears and I am all over that shit as fast as they release it. I like to dabble my deep dark dives with experimental dreamy gaze and this is where “Revived Divine” fits in to my best laid plans. Take the opener “On Night” which teases the soundtrack of my darkened slumbers. Then wash it away with embracing pop structures which is all-together abandoned song after song for warped experimental soundscapes. I believe it is the crystalline notes that ultimately leads this black cat down a path of unique propulsive experimentation. Get this shit today!


I Vacation In Your Hell
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