Hot Sugar /// Your Nails Look So Pretty

All I can say about this video is good for you buddy, to get this many hits on noodling with some strange visuals. I don’t know, do I even want to bother shitting on this? I know what you’re thinking I drink hateraid, I suck hate dick, why you hating’ SITEMASTER, when are you gonna put out your creative masterpiece to give something fucking useful back to the world rather than just fucking shit on other people trying to do something cool? That’s not cool. Guess what dipshit, it’s never going to happen, because I figured out I don’t have a unique thought in my body, and I realized before I made a record that I’m not a musician, just like sample king is barely a tune-smith with a loop and a half of a musical idea that only wanders into itself over and over again that never resolves into being… all this is good for is making me feel like the world is fucking stuck when I’m stuck down a hole you don’t want to mentally process. I want more for people than to just approximate being cool, if that’s all you strive for then you wasted your time. Being cool is so fucking less than nothing and has only become everything in the last 3o years of children hyping it the fuck up. I wish music was made by old unattractive people again who you never had to look at, yeah I may not have been born more than 25 years ago, but I can still tell you that shit was way the fuck better, even when shit was worse. I don’t need you to give me classical but give me GODDAMNED SOMETHING. I will never be a musician because I never took the time to learn the skill that is fucking songcraft, I spent my time developing what I was good at and that was learning how to spot and call BULLSHIT, so that is what I do. I know in the world of the internet everyone hates trolls, anyone who doesn’t bring the love is a fucking troll, well this troll says fuck all of you standard lowering whores who want to glorify being fucking cool. Sometimes you need another whore to spot one for you, and even if you hate me for it now, your children will thank me in the future. My apologies to this guy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, I’m sure in 2o more minutes something is going to underwhelm me ten times worse, but I say live and let live, but when I have to do my job  life sometimes makes lemons and you don’t always feel like making a glass of lemonade, sometimes you just want to crack open that processed chemically enriched bottle of haterade and masterbate and cry yourself to sleep alone.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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