DEAD FE†US // New stylings for a new era

dead fetus

I have been majorly space caking on Flakka and therefore haven’t gotten around to posting this kat’s newer shit since a post back in 2012 which was a dapper Spell Hound remix. So much has changed since the era of the salts. There is new shit abound! Portland artist Dead Fetus is ingenious with what some refer to as sound collaging where a masterful assemblage of different sound clips results in creating something entirely new. I think of his extra long tracks as containing many miniature songs within. Particularly “Cold skin” and “Drool” are packed with all kinds of stylings whereas each time I take a listen I hear something entirely new. That is what I call bang for your buck! Who needs to write albums when you can have a singular song that contains an album’s worth of material?


I Vacation In Your Hell
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