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Late Night Hysterics // Moondance

The atmospheric electronics provided by these Late Night Hysterics lends a rather fresh perspective to the electronic music art form. Nothing quite like this has ever graced my ears. Majorly ramped up synths are peaking and screaming like the shoegaze that split my … Continue reading

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Memoryhouse // Dream Shake

Memoryhouse is working on something monumental with their upcoming “Soft Hate” album. Some of the teasers and then this first video entitled Dream Shake offers a promising premise. Will their album be out in time for Sitemaster’s Best of 2015 list?

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Lozk // Meaningless Words

A full length courtesy of Lozk has the speakers punching out decibels of dark electronica, experimental, and worldly sounds coupled with folk music and random babble. It is a bold statement in the midst of genrefication of the modern scene. I am compelled to place … Continue reading

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Molly Nilsson // Mountain Time

Molly and I go back a while. She is always killing it with her creatively audacious audio visual escapades which seem to calibrate my soul to tolerable proportions upon viewing. With showcases like these it gives me an excuse to go on. But … Continue reading

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HOUSETRONAUT /// Sum Action Ft. Bon Vivant

I miss dancing like I’m fucking in Cats, have’t left the safety of my sanctum for many weeks, listening to music that implies that I have a life makes me feel like something is going on, like I’m living. I … Continue reading

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