I’ve been gutted since last September, when the world lost an absolutely wonderful person, and I lost one of the best friends I had in this world. I never got to meet him in person, but we spent hours and hours talking about music, and he helped me work on this blog, one of my dirty secrets is I’ve had help. If you asked him for anything, he would always gladly help as if you were his brother. He was always there during my darkest moments to talk me down from my insanity, and honestly despite everything we’ve both gone through in this life, he was so incredibly positive and one of the most motivated and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is a fucking music encyclopedia for bands, genres, sub-genres and micro-genres that our generation are going to take to the grave, he was a living historian for something he was so passionate about, and he devoted every moment of his life to celebrating. I was so proud of the successes he had toward the end of his brief but amazing life, I remember when he told me he was going to get to open for some of his heroes including Skinny Puppy. I’ve been in denial and couldn’t function in my life since I’ve heard this news, and couldn’t even look at this fucking blog without thinking of him. I pushed away anything that reminded me of music and could show me that he wasn’t here with us anymore.

So I have to ask myself what the fuck do I do now? I think he’d want me to keep on doing what was the most important to him, and help him celebrate the music that he loved. But most important, I want to take a minute to celebrate one of the most creative and who I believe is one of the most important artists of his generation. He succeeded in ways that many artists will never dream of; he fucking lived it, he was real, he transcended this reality and brought something to this world that it only gets a few rare glimpses of. He didn’t give a fuck about being cool, he didn’t give a fuck about being the most liked, he only gave a fuck about music and making it the best he could, and he inspired the fuck out of me.

I haven’t ever spoken to them, but I just wanted to send my love to his family and friends, and the friends I do know like Speed WulfMike Textbeak, Brandy Kills and many others who collaborated with him, I’ve learned he had worked on music with Los Angeles that was never released, which I’m trying to get a hold of. All I can say is I’m glad we did this tribute to him while he was alive to see it, he was so young and even at this point he had already made more amazing music than some would in several lifetimes, he earned this tribute. I will miss you Paul, and regret that we never had a chance to meet like we had always planned.

Living Tribute To Paul Von Aphid


IVIYH Modern Howl Interview + Mixtape:



As far as I’m concerned Paul Von Aphid is a fucking genius. I started unraveling his projects, first with Modern Howl, to me this seemed like it had to be the entire soul-focus of two musicians, who are thinking out of the box, making timeless music in an era where 90% of what I come across is a flash in the pan and false. But this was just the beginning of my discovery of the music of Paul Von Aphid.

But, again, starting with Modern Howl, their music draws upon classics, and their unabashed love for one of the greatest bands of my lifetime, SKINNY PUPPY, slashes through as a powerful influence and common thread through a good deal of Modern Howl and his other projects. The variety and the clever invention, genre hopping, creating a sonic-environment that can at once feel entirely refreshing, and so fucking foreign and uncomfortable, that only those who exist without bodies on the astral-plane could possible relate to the level of innovation. He’s got two releases on my best of list for 2012 so far, and it’s look like he’s going to have a 3rd. With upcoming releases on Mountain Fighting and Phantasma Disques; as you’ll read below he is a fucking machine, turning out music 24 hours a day, when you think you’ve got a handle on his catalog, you realize you’re just fucking scratching the surface, so I wanted to catch up and have him explain a bit about all of his many projects. He’s played a ton of shit for me and it’s all FUCKING EXCELLENT. So I asked him to share his in-progress music history, get ready to be blown away by some incredible shit.

Paul Von Aphid: “I started to make music in late 2005 I think, starting with weird electro black metal recordings (I destroyed the tapes and cd-r’s of that era though, ‘coz was totally unhappy with the result), than go straight to various experimental industrial recordings…As I can remember my first ever officially released recording was split with russian dark harsh ambient band TOTALMEHEHE (later I figured out that guy from that band was some Nazi-freak, heh) as GRINDING HALT, it was 20 minute “ambient” piece (I recorded it when I was still 15 or 16 years old, so it sounds just horrible)

http://www.sickcore.ru/html/eng11.html – here’s info about that release, nothing interesting tho.

Than, after a few really harsh noise recordings, I created SACRED YOUTH,really old-school power electronics band, that ended with release on THEE GREY WOLVES own label (though, they never send me my own copies, heheh). www.myspace.com/fucksacredyouthfuck

After that Alex from CLIMAX DENIAL (well-known usa harsh power electronics band) offered me to release something on his own imprint Sexkrime Arts. I formed PINK SEXDEATH (www.myspace.com/pinksexdeath) – and released two solo tapes and one split with american PE gods RAPE-X (members from SOLLUBI, and other various sludge bands)… Now new ep as PINK SEXDEATH recorded, and will be released soon on cult usa avantmetal label Crucial Blast, stay tuned for that. I’m also working with Jesse Kling from RAPE-X, SOLLUBI, MORBID WIZARD on some TBA project, although I must say members of GRIEF, IRON MONKEY and FISTULA will be as guests I hope.

Well, after that I was member of local perfomance band THE NEXTMAL (www.myspace.com/thenextmal) and occasional collaborator/live member in PARFUME JILL JARRY (http://soundcloud.com/parfume-jill-jarry/) and SPASTIC RABBITDOGS (www.myspace.com/spasticrabbitdogs), recorded album as lo-fi synth goth band MARTIAN CHURCH XX (split release with american no-wavey band ELKS – http://freelovinganarchists.bandcamp.com/album/split)…

In 2010 Im also recorded full album of raw noise hip-hop as INBOU (www.myspace.com/inbourussia), that will be released soon finally.

Also, I recorded one tape of dirty black ambient as POISON TONGUE for american label NoVisible Scars (http://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/) that remained my kinda homelabel – POISON TONGUE tape is sold-out and now available for free here – http://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/album/lick-you-sweety. That label also released my synth sludge project DEGENERATE SLUG – (http://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-throes-of-seclusion-degenerate-slug-split) as split with american industrial doom band RECLUSA, new album of DS will be on Crucial Blast soon too. And also NoVisible Scars soon will release my another project – NINIKA – collaboration with my old-time penpal friend Moz and his wife Dee from the dark kraut duo THE TEETH ENGRAVED WITH THE NAME OF THE DEAD – you can listen the preview here – http://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/album/ninika-ep-2012.

Also, I was in industrial rock band DENSETSU STREAM – http://densetsustream.bandcamp.com/album/crawl-ep and here – http://thepathlesstraveledrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wicked-city

Also, im part of MODERN HOWL (http://www.facebook.com/modernhowl), electropop duo PALE KINGS (one track preview here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfz5ByW2OTw), doin’ my weird acid disco project JIGOKU (soundcloud.com/jigoku) and a few ones new too like my retro EBM-worship as NIPPON LEATHERGIRL (one track from the Baku Shad-do samplere here – http://baku-shad-do.bandcamp.com/track/lcl)…

As well I forget to say about my awkward numerous black metal bands like HELLTRIPPER, ZAAKU, SATHANAS NECROCUNT (that one even was uploaded on youtube by someone – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sMtxh37J_I) and DEMON CITY REAPER…

Soon there will be also my collab with TEXTBEAK as ZOA/ZOA, LOS ANGELES, my synthpunk bizzaro project BLUE MONKEY and minimal wave band ZEX MODEL.”







I Vacation In Your Hell
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  1. MZ says:

    Hey man, great writeup. Paul was a pretty dear friend of mine and I was just thinking of him when I ran across this tribute. It’s crazy, even so long after he passed I still run across new shit I think he’d dig and really miss getting to email with him about it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say it was cool to find this, glad I’m not the only one who remembers him so fondly. He was a trip.

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