I’m a real big streaming for free guy, the only reason my blog and the world that surrounds it exists is the free-economy that’s popped up around around music. There are many arguments that musicians need to make money with the music itself, and I’m fine with that if you can get people to pay. Is this a decent thing to expect of musicians, I don’t know, all I can tell you is that with the rise of this world, it allowed 8bajillion only moderately talented bands to get the exposure of their dreams, and move along to the national and international festival circuit, and get their music featured on cable TV shows and commercials as a viable property. People want to bitch about it both ways, but I say this, THE GATE KEEPERS ARE DEAD AT LEAST FOR NOW, BUT MAYBE NOT FOR LONG, AND WITH ALL OF THE DUMBASSES WANTING TO SIGN AWAY THEIR RIGHTS TO INTERNET POLICE GUESS WHAT, LITTLE BANDS WILL VANISH ONCE THE CORPORATIONS GAIN CONTROL OF THIS SHIT. GOOGLE + FACEBOOK ARE ALREADY PICKING THEIR PREFERRED WINNERS AND LOSERS, why does SEXTILE remind me of this, I have no fucking clue, this track is good. WE ONLY COVER SHIT THAT WE DEEM VERY GOOD to PREFERABLY FUCKING GENIUS.



I Vacation In Your Hell
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