You know I love these minimal and coldwave motherfuckers, this sound is how I understand life, these borderline autistic emotions that I feel and express through IVIYH are encompassed in this sound. Revealing unfiltered directness of feeling and emotion, which means I can’t function in any meaningful way in society and keep relationships with others who aren’t deemed to be “mentally ill.” This is all I can do, say things that aren’t timed right, that don’t have necessarily any connection to what is observably happing through interactions, I’m sure you know many many people in your local goth scene who fit this description, and maybe we do only deserve each other because we either can’t or don’t want to reign this in. This song is beautiful and resonates with me in a way that few things have over the last 12 to 15 moons. I’d believe these guys are from Pluto quicker than them being from sunny California.



I Vacation In Your Hell
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