†HR33ΔM /// WVR /// PD​-​177 MESSIVH


This is the kind of shit that people show up by the fucking boatload to get from IVIYH. A NEW FUCKING Phantasma Disques DROP FROM THESE MOTHERFUCKERS RIGHT HERE!! Goddamn spectacular album name PD-177 MESSIVH and a fucking out of this world lead track off this shit. HOLY FUCK, relevancy comes to those who fucking wait, and I bestow a vast banquet of riches upon your semi-grateful asses yet again. I don’t think I’ve received one thank you present from this label, but whatevs, I should cover more of their shit, their catalog is up to 110 fucking releases, where does the goddamn time fly!! I remember when there was just a handful of shit, but they are still a fucking powerhouse, few have made the kind of contribution to music that they have in the last decade, it’s time their shit get worshiped daily, start with this fucking incredible shit by †HR33ΔM:



I Vacation In Your Hell
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