Acre Tarn /// Porcelain Charms

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.03.30 AM.png

This track has a real strong Knife / Fever Ray vibe – it’s pretty fucking great, a strong motherfucker to end the month. People keep asking me about plans and shit for IVIYH, and what’s next, do I seem like I’m a real plan it out type of motherfucker? I’m seriously just day to day man, I look into the void sometimes and it doesn’t even bother to stare the fuck back anymore, it has better shit to do, I guess that’s what the 80s book less than zero meant in relation to lyfestyle choice. People say, do you give a shit about money or having a place to live,  one thing I learned about money is that people give you that shit if you ask for it, true fucking story. Does that mean I’m fucking loaded, fuck no, I ate half a jar of hot peppers from target for dinner tonight, and it’s looking like the other half is going to be what I eat next, but do I give a fuck, yeah I could have bought any other thing in that damn store for the bucks it cost, I’m unfortunately a vegetarian now, and fuck it’s hard, I can’t make myself eat an animal to save my worthless life, but I fucking hate eating vegetables, I can eat pickles and fucking hot peppers, don’t like how bread makes me feel, I think I’m allergic to that shit, can’t eat diary for shit either. Oh well, my dietary battles are not your concern, what I’m saying is, some shit just is, it’s a magic sparkle that appears on the horizon and it grants you a magical wish and for one night you are a princess in an alternate universe and you go back and try to explain that shit to people and they call you crazy, or act like it’s not that big a deal, to me you and the insane fuckers who’ve taken this journey with me, this has fucking meant something, and fuck there’s been a lot more of you than I ever expected, I actually ended up at a party in Seattle where they were playing one of MY FUCKING MIXXES and I could not believe that shit. This blog is a shrine to putting a check mark in the “other” box, and not the tame ass shit that the blog world wants to fucking force feed you, real fucking nutrient shit, that is what it takes to survive and have every day mean fucking something, real fucking discovery. Live every day like it’s your last or don’t give a fuck, or both, I just say shit gets magickal, and try to be there in the right place at the right time to be the one who gets to see it, and then guess what, you got to see that shit.

Here’s an ancient jam of her’s from last year:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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