I can barely even wrap my shit around how fucking much I love this right now, was having an especially low day, and this beautiful motherfucker from Santiago, Chile sent me a download of his amazing DARK MUSIC offering. A perfect storm of goth, etherial and shoegaze, so dark and so light all at the the same time.  A lot of people want their fucking gaze music way over-polished, and this hits the perfect mix of hi and lo fi to give it that atmosphere that gets me FUCKING ZONED, DEAD FUCKING ICED. People are asking why I’m posting shit on the weekend and why that never happened before, A there’s too much fucking insane shit like this coming out now that I can’t sleep unless I get it the fuck out there, and B, I lived with this dude that had a paper route, it’s not kids that do that shit, this is like taking papers to all of the boxes and circle ks, 711s and shit, massive amounts of papers, and he’d make me help his ass on the weekends, which means getting up at like 2am in the fucking ice cold garage and unbundling and sorting the two pieces they arrive in with the coupons and ads and shit into one paper that god knows who fucking buys anymore. Anything to not have to pay rent, so I did that for a few years, the rest of the time I think I just had PTSD from it, I remember the dude threw a hammer at me this one time because I drank too much of his cough syrup, I wasn’t trying to get loaded, I’ve just never had shit like that that a doctor gives you, I buy the orange shit and drink it out of the bottle, thats what my uncle taught me, we’d chug half a bottle at a time. Some bad years man, so I;d just sleep in now out of spite for how shitty that shit is. Remember that shit kids, papers don’t get there by themselves, and you don’t want to be the one to have to get that shit there, stay in school or figure out something else for yourself. Don’t be like me.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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  1. robert Nelson says:

    Never stop doing what you do. You’ve introduced me to so many good tracks and your little rants each entry are gold. ❤

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