GLITCH BLACK /// March of the Interdimensional Strike Force /// FUCK YEAH

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.52.01 AM

2017 is going to go down as one of the greatest fucking years for music in decades. From the elaborate shit, to the simple atmospheric shit, it’s just a fucking dark rainbow of extreme variety and more passion for the art now that the money and support has been wiped out, you reading this are the entire audience for some of these bands I post. Some of this shit gets drafted up into the major league hits the festival circuit, but I don’t know if those are ever the best bands who get to be part of that .00000001%, I’ve watched it happen, I can’t even list for you how many times I’ve seen a band that IVIYH has plugged that got the spotlight from major blogs I will not name here, but they are the disgusting shit that I’m sure you no longer read if you’re still clicking on my shit.

This is the story from their/his thing: From interdimensional hyperspace comes an apparition who tore itself from the frayed fabric of the universe. Clearly this being doesn’t belong in this world. He is Glitch Black. And he makes music to keep this dimension from falling apart.

Buy his shit:



I Vacation In Your Hell
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