Oh man, I don’t understand what the thought process is at labels these days, this is not how I perceived their aesthetic, but then this probably goes against the perceived motif of IVIYH is what you’re kind of half scratching your head but not giving a fuck enough to complete the entire thought, so you click away. GOOD, that person is gone, we didn’t need them anyway, this song also reminds me of the song someone would shoot up smack to for the first time in a 90s/ early 2000s movie, the first time when it’s shown as fun and experimental, not the second sequence when they’re fucking up their lives, for that I’d soundtrack it with something that really fucks up peoples lives like Eminem or Uncle Cracker’s first album. I actually have no idea what either of those artists sound like, but people say those names like they make gross music. Insert whatever you consider gross into this blank ________ and I’ll laugh with you.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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