The Roseanne Cancellation Conspiracy – Totally Compromised Ep. 2 – IVIYH Presents IVI

In the second episode of Totally Compromised we look at the events surrounding the conspiracy with The Roseanne show on ABC, the involvement of Disney as the parent company, and the many actions that do not add up. Why put your show at risk when you’re being heavily scrutinized because of your newly acquired platform? Why tweet that you’re leaving Twitter signaling you saw an issue a week before there were career ending problems stemming for a single tweet? Was there a deep state agenda in place the whole time?

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I Vacation In Your Hell
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1 Response to The Roseanne Cancellation Conspiracy – Totally Compromised Ep. 2 – IVIYH Presents IVI

  1. Aathanandro says:

    Of course it was all setup to Rio Rosanne for that little political documentary she produced and carted around the world in recent years…

    So they told her ‘she’s right’. They use her comedy sitcom to bring issues like Trump, the 1%, school shootings, LGBT marriage, trans, immigration, etc to Primetime TV and educated the populace. They spared no expense buying air time during the academy Awards to play the trailer. They got the whooolleee cast back whatever the cost.

    And after the highest rated new series TV premier in decades …. They destroyed her.

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