The Roseanne Cancellation Conspiracy – Totally Compromised Ep. 2 – IVIYH Presents IVI

In the second episode of Totally Compromised we look at the events surrounding the conspiracy with The Roseanne show on ABC, the involvement of Disney as the parent company, and the many actions that do not add up. Why put your show at risk when you’re being heavily scrutinized because of your newly acquired platform? Why tweet that you’re leaving Twitter signaling you saw an issue a week before there were career ending problems stemming for a single tweet? Was there a deep state agenda in place the whole time?

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Macintosh Plus /// Floral Shoppe FULL ALBUM

Someone asked me to post this because they use IVIYH as some kind of music bookmarking shit, I told them we’re not the Vaporwave historians, we did drop some of the first vaporware before it even had a name, when it was seapunk’s sad cousin. Some of the best music from 2010 – 2013 was deleted from the face of the internet. I wake up every day and say what the fuck when I realize another artist from the glory days is erased. Hope you guys had a flash drive of your shit someone, or maybe you’ve got some kind of boner shyness about your albums now, either way, don’t keep deleting shit. thank you.

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It’s you who gives no real fucks about 80s freestyle, not me.

This is an extension of an offline conversation that I had to flex my blog-cock over. Don’t ask what led to this, it’s not my proudest moment. Nor are any.

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SSION ft. Ariel Pink /// At Least The Sky Is Blue


This is like looking at an image reflected on a mirror off a tv being filmed by a video camera and fed back into that tv and reflected again by the mirror into infinity. That’s neither a complement or an insult.

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Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 3.53.13 AM

WE LAUNCHED OUR FIRST ORIGINAL SERIES, here is the first episode bitches, it’s every bit as paranoid and conspiracy drenched as you’ve most probably come to expect. There’s no single format to the show, sometimes will include some music, guests, live performances, obscure films, and any weird shit we can get our hands on.

The first episode is a controversial one, that is going to piss off more people than it probably should, but we’re doing it anyway. Totally Compromised wants to address the question that is dividing the “truth community” and generating an almost religious fervor among Q believers. Let’s cut the BS and ask the heaviest question going right now, is Q anon real? We’ll look at the roots of the leaker know as Q Clearance, or what some call the voice of “The Alliance.”

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The Black Sun (Album Cover)

I don’t have much to tell you or say about this shit, but this album just dropped and it’s fucking beautiful, sometimes it’s hard to put shit into words, and the best quality of Michael Cameron’s music, weather it’s with his bands Waterlaso or Los Angeles, you have to come across it when you’re ready for it. It’s understated shit, but it’s epic if speaks to you. His new album, his first as Michael Cameron, is some really audacious concept album shit, that I feel pretty strange and fucked up when I listen to, but also it puts me in a place outside of my anxiety, I just light up a joint and fucking take the trip, the songs are super long, Pink Floyd style extended jams, but this music shares a lot more in common with the influences he lists on his page, Nicolas Jaar, Gang Gang Dance, Arthur Russell and Art of Noise. I predict that this will be the fucking IVIYH album of the year, you’ll see why if you take the fucking trip. The album feels like a subconscious journey, when it’s over you feel like your shit has changed but you can’t put your finger on what. The album is just out now, from what he tells me he’s been sitting on this shit for well over a year now, I’ll let him answer why in the interview, but this dude has been putting out consistently good shit for years, do what you must with streaming but buy this shit, it’s fucking good, and if he ever goes nuts and pulls it the fuck down from the internet you’ll have it backed nice and cozy next to your bitcoins. GET AT THAT SHIT NOW:



Apple iTunes Store


Michael Cameron on TIDAL 


I asked this beautiful bitch to give me a mix that’s way the fuck outside of what he does, I’ve considered Michael Cameron the outsider’s outsider, so I said GIVE ME TOP 40 ONLY or no fucking interview. He obliged my request and gave me this absolute CLUB DJ Wank Fantasy MEGAMIX. He actually calls it his HOT GIRL CLUB DJ WANK FANTASY MEGAMIX. Tracklist was not provided to us for obvious reasons, but I will say for how ridiculous he made this shit, it’s pretty fucking perfect, he’s got some mashups on this, its hilarious he could do this shit for realzzz. Summer vibes my bros, summer vibes.


So what the fuck is up with you and this record, you promised me another Los Angeles album a few years ago. 

Well, the Los Angeles and Blank Frank stuff was some heavy dark shit to put it in your terms, and the stories behind some of that shit are maybe wilder than the music, I’ve wanted to put out something to balance the impact that I feel it’s made, this is kind of the answer to what I saw was something took people to a very dark and intense place.

Blank Frank – His hard from math tinder on Vimeo.
What is this record supposed to be about, what the fuck does it do to you when you listen to it, is there some sort of frequency mind control shit, it doesn’t feel negative, but you definitely walk away from it in an altered state of I don’t know what…

It was inspired by i-DOSER binaural electronic simulated sonic drug and astral projection   and hallucination aids, and 432hz music. Essentially you make sure you can’t see light, and just put on these tracks in your headphones, and they simulate the mental effects of drugs and can even act as a catalyst for out of body experiences. I’m not sure if I had been near to where they were testing energy weapons, or if it was something else, but I feel I’ve wound up in the crosshairs of technology that I didn’t realize existed, and wanted to energetically step out of its way. I wanted the album to heal on an energetic level and pull those who listened to it into a higher vibrational energy. I wanted it to be a lot more immediate than the tracks I was listening to, most of the artists who do this approach it from a very new age place, and sometimes they hit on absolutely beautiful work, but other times it can be tedious to listen to for the span of an entire album. So this is the end product of mixing some of my favorite dance artists with music that is energetically healing, approached from the greatest pop sensibility you can maintain while achieving a more important purpose.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 6.08.19 AM.png

I’ve tried their Gates Of Hades and it does fuck your shit up if you commit to it, I don’t think that stuff works for everyone, but if you meet that shit halfway then, holy fuck. 

I’ve tried some of their consciousness altering stuff, it’s way better than their simulated drugs, but again, it’s probably the state of mind you go into when you try it, belief in almost every situation provides what your outcome is going to be.

I’m just going to come out and ask this shit to you directly, because it’s what I’ve heard, that this is some kind of rave album for flat earthers, do you believe the earth is flat? 

I can tell you that Neil deGrasse Tyson has on 3 separate occasions provided different answers as to the shape of the earth in response to the same question. His first answer was, STFU it’s round you dumbasses earth is round. His second during another panel was it’s more oblate like an oval, and his most recent answer, which keeps getting deleted from YouTube is that it’s more “pear shaped.” I can tell you if the last is true, and the earth is pear shaped then so much of what we observe about the earth spinning and how gravity works would be impossible. I will say I’ve watched enough shit to realize the curve should be much greater than it actually is, not saying greater than we perceive visually, but measurably there should be a more intense curve. So my answer is, I have no clue what the actual shape of the earth is, I don’t know if any of us will get to know for sure, but there are major inconsistencies in the math, your answer is only as good as the data you use to calculate it with, and if you select a murky starting point, you’re going to produce an opaque result. The last thing I’ll say is that a celebrated astrophysicist should have been able to give one consistent answer for this question.

Tell these peeps about you my dude, you’ve had some crazy shit go down.

Do you have something specific you want me to tell them about?

Tell them about the elvis story.

My dad was a government contractor, and managed a fairly well known band. But he sold his business at one point, to a buyer arranged by a friend and business associate of his, they turned out to be mob dudes, before they finished the financial transaction they went around to all of the locations he was working at and cleaned out all cash and assets. This was around the time Elvis passed away, and his estate listed his private jet for sale. There was a program called “Elvis Is Alive” that mentioned these dudes by name, they used the money they stole from him to buy Elvis’ private jet.

I didn’t know your dad managed a band, what band?

It was called Natural Gas, they had a hit called “You Can Do It,” it was a super group featuring the lead singer from Badfinger, members from Uriah Heep and Humble Pie. They were actually really good, but there was one pressing of the album, and it got recalled after they were shrink wrapped too tightly and it warped the only shipment. They opened up for Peter Frampton on the tour he recorded Frampton Comes Alive on, and I hear they were getting a better response than Frampton.

What’s the weirdest shit you’ve witnessed?

Man, too many things. I’ll have to give that some thought…

When I was driving home one night, while I was living in Sedona, a really crazy looking lady in white witch attire, like seriously decked out was standing in the middle of the road. There were extremely bright lights on both sides of the road, no other cars, and nothing nearby for her to run and duck into. She just stared at us in the car, and then I looked back as we passed her, and she was just gone. She would have had to have been the flash to get out of sight fast enough.

What do you think that was?

I think she was a witch, Sedona was home to some covens, random groups that practice magick and some of the fairly famous cults were based out of there. Some were just polygamist scams, others were a lot more sinister. Anton Lavey supposedly lived there sometime before his death as well, and there are some strange rumors I’ve heard about that.

One last question and I’ll leave you alone, sorry if this one sucks to answer, you told me once you had a cousin who was abducted by aliens??

That’s my belief, we don’t like to use the term “aliens” ETs is better. But yeah, he by all accounts was fine, I hadn’t seen him in some years, but he was a great guy, he introduced me to Pink Floyd, he recorded synth pop in the 80s, he was actually very talented. But he drove off into a national park by himself, didn’t tell anyone he was headed there, and they found his car by the edge of a ridge parked by the barrier that keeps cars from driving off the edge into the canyon, his footprints were around one side of his car, the last place they believe he stood was on the roof of his car. They found no tracks of his body being drug off into the forest, no other footprints, no evidence of animals or a struggle, no blood, no shreds of his clothing, and they’ve never located his body to this day, we’re going on about 12 years now.

Why did this shit take a year to be released after it was finished?

I almost didn’t want to put it out, not because I didn’t love the record, I think it’s my best work so far, and a big thanks to everyone who helped, including Elijah Frank who does vocals on two of my favorite tracks on the record. You just get tired of the business side of music, and constantly going down that road, it’s like banging your head against the wall. There were some pretty big electronic/dance labels that came very close to putting it out, but a friend who manages a successful band said it’s better to just put it out yourself, and there’s nothing a label can really do for you these days that you can’t do for yourself. It was also hard to get clear answers about the track sequencing from my father.

What do you mean clear answers about the track sequencing?

My father transitioned back into source back some years ago, and we had him sequence the album with a spirit board. I wanted him to be involved in the record, and I think he did a good job of creating the best track flow, my instinct was a little different when I wrote it, because I always keep narrative in mind, and I don’t think this album is as much about narrative as it is about the experience of listening and the energetic transformation.

Where do you want them to buy your album or stream it?

It’s available on literally every streaming service, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, you can buy it from any of those too.




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Oh man, I don’t understand what the thought process is at labels these days, this is not how I perceived their aesthetic, but then this probably goes against the perceived motif of IVIYH is what you’re kind of half scratching your head but not giving a fuck enough to complete the entire thought, so you click away. GOOD, that person is gone, we didn’t need them anyway, this song also reminds me of the song someone would shoot up smack to for the first time in a 90s/ early 2000s movie, the first time when it’s shown as fun and experimental, not the second sequence when they’re fucking up their lives, for that I’d soundtrack it with something that really fucks up peoples lives like Eminem or Uncle Cracker’s first album. I actually have no idea what either of those artists sound like, but people say those names like they make gross music. Insert whatever you consider gross into this blank ________ and I’ll laugh with you.

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Mylamine /// Cthrna //. + FUCKING SINGLES COMP



This is some quality shit right here, if you’re avoiding this because of the joe average album art you are going to fucking miss out on the singles compilation of the year. Get it fucking play it, repeat it until your 3rd eye needs fucking glasses. Mylamine is the dude right now, and however the fuck you say Cthrna is the fucking shit.

Get that shit righcharr:

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